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Announcing the Segment Integration for Predictable

Actable, Predictable’s parent company, is proud to announce the release of the integration of Segment as a source and destination for the Predictable. Predictable is a purpose-built application to help companies unlock the value of their 1st party customer data. Predictable’s scores are already being used by dozens of brands to better understand and target marketing activations for some common marketing use cases:

  • Identify new users likely to convert
  • Mitigate churn among existing customers
  • Help create repeat purchases from existing customers
  • Provide relevant product recommendations.

Why Segment:

We’re particularly excited about this integration for Twilio’s Segment product for a couple of reasons:

  1. Segment is the leading CDP and data routing tool for sheer volume of integrations. With Segment, Predictable’s scores can be activated in hundreds of downstream channels including Google Ads, Meta, Amazon, dozens of ESPs and many, many more channels.
  2. The Predictive Suite addresses a pain point for Segment customers who lack internal data science resources for marketing. Unlike some more decision-oriented CDPs, Segment does not have inherent machine learning capabilities. Predictable stands alone in the Segment Marketplace.
  3. Segment is a consistent source of inbound events and data to the predictive suite, allowing for rapid onboarding and time to value.

Why Predictable:

Predictable is unique because it addresses a range of needs for many companies who require:

  • Powerful Predictive Ability: Build on First Party Data (and Cookie-Free)
    • Fighting for market-share is challenging in a crowded marketplace. Predictable’s models are built on our clients’ first party and zero-party customer data – the most predictive data a client has.
    • Each model is tuned for an individual client’s data and continuously retrained based on new findings.
  • Omni-Channel Recommendations Not Tied to a Single Tool
    • Predictable’s scores can be deployed to any channel, they are not tied to channel-specific toolsets and can interoperate across acquisition and lifecycle marketing activities (e.g. email, site-side experience, call-center, paid social, programmatic, etc.)
  • Rapid Time To Value
    • Standard Implementations can be completed in under 2 weeks.
    • Model scores can port seamlessly into your cloud data warehouse, your Customer Data Platform, and Reverse ETL Tools for ongoing activations.
  • Transparency about How the Models Are Performing
    • Insights about key values for the model are available as raw data and via a user-friendly dashboard.
    • Reporting about the accuracy of model scores is available even without using the models in marketing activations.
  • Privacy-Compliant Solution
    • Predictable does not store or replicate client data in any way.
    • PII is not used in the creation of the model scores.

Predictable Co-founder Craig Schinn is extremely excited about the integration. “Segment offers an incredible platform for marketing activations. With the new Predictable integration, Segment users can now be even smarter and more targeted with the audiences they export to hundreds of marketing tools.”

Tim Koeth, Segment’s Tech Partnerships Manager added, “Twilio Segment is excited to add Predictable as a new Destination to our industry-leading integration library! With this joint solution in place, our customers can make better decisions and implement more effective targeting to increase customer lifetime value and reduce likelihood to churn – two key goals for businesses in today’s market. As a native integration, Predictable offers Segment customers an easy solution to a complex problem!”

For more information about the Predictive Suite and Predictable’s robust Customer Success approach, please contact us.

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