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Predictive Suite is a Powered By Snowflake Partner

Craig Schinn


Last month, Snowflake accepted the Actable Predictive Suite into its “Powered By Snowflake” program. For background, we developed the Predictive Suite to address common pain points Actable encountered when organizations tried to adopt machine learning into their marketing operations:

  • Client data science resources are limited or non-existent.
  • The brand may need a way to reach customers at key moments in time to drive incremental purchases & mitigate churn.
  • A cloud data warehouse contains a trove of customer data, but it’s not available to the marketer for insights & activations.

For our clients, Snowflake is a common choice due to its scale, ease-of-use, and. data collaboration capabilities. You can find Actable in the Powered By Snowflake program and easily deploy our models for key marketing use cases:

  • Identify new users likely to convert
  • Mitigate churn among existing customers
  • Create repeat purchases from existing customers
  • Provide relevant product recommendations

We are excited to be one of the only marketing analytics and custom predictive partners in this program. Remember to keep the Actable Predictive Suite as a key solution if your needs include the following:

  • Omni-Channel Recommendations Not Tied to a Single Tool. 
    • Actable’s predictive scores can be deployed to any channel.
  • Rapid Time To Value
    • Standard Implementations can be completed in under 2 weeks.
    • Actable’s Customer Success team are marketing practitioners by trade, and engage to make your deployment a success.
  • Full Transparency
    • Insights about key values for the model are available as raw data user-friendly dashboard.
  • Powerful Predictive Ability
    • Each model is tuned for an individual client’s 1st party customer data and continuously retrained based on new findings.
  • Privacy-Compliant Solution
    • Actable does not store or replicate client data in any way.
    • PII is not used in the creation of the model scores.

Craig Schinn


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