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Optimize Meta campaigns with customer data and predictive AI

If you’re looking to elevate your Meta campaigns and get smarter with your marketing spend, you’re in the right place.

In this video, co-founder Craig Shinn highlights how adopting a “use case ready approach” with Predictable could be the strategic edge your DTC brand needs to engage and retain customers.

He’ll dive into how Predictable integrates effortlessly into your MarTech stack and how our raw scores and intelligence segments enrich your first-party data with actionable insights and audience intelligence. Utilizing these understandings, DTC companies using Predictable have experienced a significant 25% to 40% increase in conversion rates, reduced customer acquisition costs, and more efficient use of their marketing budgets

Co-founder Craig Shinn explains how to best leverage first-party customer data and predictive AI to optimize your paid media spend inside Meta and its connected channels.

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