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Predictable and Blotout: Boosting Sales in a Post Cookie Era

As cookies fade away, direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketers encounter fresh obstacles in boosting sales and connecting with their target audience.

Unify your 1st party data with Blotout, and add Predictive AI with Predictable.

How it works


Via plug-and-play integration, unified customer profiles built on first-party signals captured by Blotout are enriched with AI-powered predictive attributes indicating purchase propensity, churn propensity, lifetime value and more.

Within two weeks of integration, highly addressable predictive audience segments are syndicated to Blotout’s connected marketing tools for activation across owned and paid channels.


Use Cases

Supercharge your first-party data with high-fidelity marketing signals and predictive AI

Blotout identifies new and returning customers across sessions, devices, and channels with 100% accuracy, and rebuilds marketing signals around a lifetime ID. With a more complete and addressable customer view, brands can unlock greater value from their first-party data, and Predictable’s machine-learning models can make more accurate predictions.

Drive repeat purchase occasions and establish brand loyalty from your first POS

Deliver tailored welcome series and experiences that consider your newly acquired customers’ likelihood to return and repurchase, i.e.:

  • Invite new customers with a high repeat purchase propensity to join your loyalty and referral programs
  • Deliver targeted offers to new customers less likely to return to incentivize repeat purchase occasions

Improve retention by identifying and re-engaging customers with high churn propensity

Predict which customers are likely to churn and intervene with win-back flows and experiences to prevent lapse, i.e. :

  • Deliver targeted offers and incentives to encourage repeat purchase
  • Invite customers with high churn propensity to participate in special sales events

Recognize anonymous users and increase returns on your owned and paid channels

  • Retarget new customers with high purchase propensity across paid channels to drive acquisition efforts
  • Identify existing customers returning to site as anonymous traffic, and trigger personalized email campaigns that consider their purchase propensity, churn propensity and lifetime value

Reward customers with high predicted lifetime value to encourage brand loyalty

Use predictive AI to identify high-value customers and deliver personalized, VIP experiences and rewards, i.e.:

  • Invite customers with high predicted LTV to join VIP programs
  • Deliver invitations to participate in pre-sales events and new product launches

Leverage predictive audiences to optimize paid media strategies and investment

Use your first party data to drive performance across paid media initiatives, i.e. :

  • Improve media ROI by targeting audiences with high predicted purchase propensity and LTV
  • Use predictive audiences to power look-a-likes for new customer acquisition efforts
  • Reach and re-engage customers likely to churn

Want more detail? Watch this video from our Director of Engineering Adam Engelmeyer.

Adam Engelmeyer, Director of Engineering, dives into detail about the integration between Predictable and Blotout.

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