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Predictable and Blotout: Boosting Sales in a Post Cookie Era

As cookies fade away, direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketers encounter fresh obstacles in boosting sales and connecting with their target audience.

Stay ahead of the curve and effectively navigate these challenges with Predictable and Blotout.

Blotout is a simple but powerful Shopify app that tracks and categorizes site visitor activity with unique IDs. Predictable, powered by AI models, analyzes the customer data that Blotout collects and identifies those most likely to convert or churn.

In this video, Adam Engelmeyer will go into further detail about the integration between Predictable and Blotout. He will discuss how these two tools work together to help DTC marketers drive sales and reach their target audience in a post-cookie era.

Adam Engelmeyer, Director of Engineering, dives into detail about the integration between Predictable and Blotout.

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