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AI Boosts Marketing Performance by 42%

Improvement in Cost Per Acquisition
channels activated in cross channel test

The Challenge

A large retail bank was facing increasing pressure on their customer acquisition costs through digital channels.  They had limited ability to orchestrate and optimize outbound marketing messages and needed a scalable approach to increase acquisition efficiency.


Predictable worked with the client to develop an AI-driven message orchestration and delivery approach designed to optimize ad exposure across the prospective customer universe and orchestrate messaging to increase response rates.  The approach deployed across four channels: email, Google Ads, Facebook, and on-site modals, and benchmarked results against a control group.


The AI-driven approach drove a 42% increase in efficiency across the combined marketing channels.  Users in the AI-driven group received fewer paid messages (optimizing media spend) but responded at a higher rate.  The resulting budget savings could now be re-invested in additive marketing activities.

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