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Custom Data Models into Marketing Automation

Days to Value
Reduction in Segmentation by Using Customer Attributes

A Customer Data Platform can provide access to extremely robust data.  However, it has little value if it’s not activated.  Learn about how we helped get rich data into a leading cross-channel marketing tool — Iterable.

The Challenge

A financial services provider needed to improve customer retention and cross-sell to meet aggressive business objectives. Their ”batch and blast” communication strategies were not effective and were in some cases exacerbating the churn problem via irrelevant content.


Predictable analyzed the customer file and evaluated thousands of customer data points to isolate signals that indicated customer value and propensity for action. Key signifiers included:

  • Promotion response rate
  • Last order date
  • Lifetime value
  • Content affinity

Predictable deployed customer segmentation and scoring system to determine customers at risk of churn, and those with a likelihood to buy cross-brand products.

Segments were fed into Iterable, and paired with dynamic content assets to enable personalized content and offer recommendations to individual customers


One-to-one message personalization, at scale, driving specific business outcomes around customer retention and product cross-sell

Initiative is ongoing

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