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Predictable’s Models Achieve 40% CPA Decrease on Meta

The Challenge

An established e-commerce store specializing in women’s apparel sought to optimize their Meta campaigns. So, they turned to Predictable to help. 


Leveraging Predictable’s Propensity model, they could pinpoint the purchasing tendencies of potential customers, dividing them into high, medium, and low propensity categories.


Predictable’s selected audiences outperformed their typical middle-of-funnel campaigns with a 40% lower CPA.  The brand has moved their entire prospecting campaigns on Meta to Predictable’s pre-built segments.

“With Predictable’s Propensity model in play, we recorded an $8-$10 decrease in CPA for our mid-funnel campaigns. The consistency in performance was evident, even when high-propensity audiences were matched against our retargeting efforts.”