Powerful. Plug-and-Play. Predictable.

An end-to-end suite of AI models that drives predictive outcomes for marketers.

Custom Predictive AI for marketers. No coding required.

Marketers need powerful predictive outcomes to drive growth and retention, now more than ever. Predictable integrates seamlessly with your MarTech stack to power AI models for propensity, churn, LTV and more, with no data science or tech resources required.

Solving for Customer Pain Points

The Predictable customer shares a common set of challenges:

Data science resources are limited, and don't have time to address marketer requests

Current AI tooling is built for tech teams, or are captive to an execution channel, not portable

Black-box solutions offer limited transparency or insights and no positive feedback loop

The Models

Introducing Predictable - a suite of AI models helping marketers to predict key customer lifecycle events. The models score:

Purchase Propensity

Propensity models use signals from 1st party customer data to score how likely an individual customer is to make a purchase. Target high propensity users in ads & email.

2nd Purchase

The repeat purchase model scores each customer at the time of their most recent purchase to determine how likely each is to purchase again. Target offers toward customers less likely to buy again.

Likelihood to Churn

Churn models help to predict which customers are most likely to slip away. Churn windows are customized for each client. Leverage email and other owned channels to prevent churn.

Product Recommendations

Determine the most relevant purchase is based on what each customer purchased last. Serve recommendations in a tool of your choice.

Predicted LTV

Forecast the current and future value of each customer on file. Build lookalikes of high LTV customers to acquire more. Target loyalty offers to your best customers.

On-Demand Customer Insights

Predictable is fully transparent about the fit of the model to your data and the key datapoints that drove lift in the model. We also mine the data that we score for insights and patterns that many marketers don't have access to. For example, we share insights about:


Learn How to Deploy Predictable in Your Environment

Predictable seamlessly connects with most leading cloud data warehouses and many leading CDPs.

We Integrate with Leading Cloud Data Warehouses & CDPs

Learn more about our integrations with our public documentation.

Predictable pays for itself, many times over.

Predictable’s suite of AI tools starts under $1500/mo.

Founders Craig Schinn, Matt Greitzer, and Michael Baumgaertner launched Actable with a singular focus on first-party customer data, applied to drive sustainable enterprise value. Now there’s Predictable.

Built for Marketers, By Marketers

Predictable was born out of Actable, a specialist digital transformation consultancy that helps brands accelerate the value they gain from first party customer data. Predictable was created to simplify the ability to run scores, maintain models, and deploy seamlessly into composable architectures.

  • Leadership is deeply experienced in the nuances of the marketing technology and adtech landscapes.
  • Backed by an prestigious group of angel investors.
  • Born out of client demand for driving more value from 1st party customer data.

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